Rules Of Conduct


Our goal is a safe, fun fly in that represents our sport well and encourages the City to welcome us back.
The unwritten rule here is the same as it is in our school… Fly with courtesy as your first priority.

That said, here are a few written rules to help get you started :)



  • You must have a signed waiver and your Wings over Winter wristband to launch or land.
  • Pilots launching from Lake Wales airport during the event must have at least PPG2 level skills of flight (no rating required).
  • Absolutely NO harassment of animals. It’s a felony here and the ranchers are our best neighbors.
  • Absolutely NO flying in close proximity to groups of people, vehicles, or over the housing developments in the area.
  • Any WoW official, or staff member may ground any pilot they deem to be dangerous or disrespectful.
  • Absolutely NO breaking of FAR’s at this event… IE: No night flights, or flights over the city center.
  • When flying near the LZ launching pilots have the right of way. Maintain 500′ altitude and yield to launching or landing traffic.
  • All demonstration flying needs to be briefed with the safety officials unless it is taking place in the demonstration box.


  • All vendors must be registered.
  • No demos of any equipment unless you are a registered vendor.
  • Vendors may be allowed to share a booth with approval.


Any Further Rules Will Be Posted At The Event.