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  Terms Of Entry

1. By submitting the entry form you agree that all the information provided is true to the best of your knowledge.

2. You agree to obey and follow the Rules Of Conduct for the event.

3. You will respect the skill level of the other pilots and act in a safe, respectful manner at all times, on the ground and in the air.

4. You are aware that you can be grounded if you do not respect the safety of other pilots, spectators or rules.

5. You agree to pay the $60 online registration fee. This fee will grant you access to fly at the event (wristband) a ticket for the dinner on Saturday (additional meal tickets available on site) AND a t-shirt commemorating the event [no refunds, must be present to receive these items].

(Fees are being collected in order to provide bathroom facilities, a fresh mowing job on the landing areas etc!)

Wings Over Winter aims to be a fun, safe event for all involved, by following these simple rules that aim can be achieved. We hope you enjoy your flight and your experience at the event.